JT Schmid’s Bigger Badder Asser Burger

If you’re going to watch the Super Bowl, why not bring a Super Burger? Introducing JT’s Bigger Badder Asser Burger. This one foot tall, 6 pound burger will feed 1 hungry player or 8 dancing cheerleaders. Or try the “BBA Bolder Burger” with our Delicious Spicy Jalepeno Relish and Peper Jack Cheese (Also available with Turkey Patty for no extra charge). Call ahead and pre-order the Bigger Badder Asser Burger for your Super Bowl party. If you can’t be a star one the field, at least you can be one off it. http://www.jtschmidsrestaurants.com/ ‪#‎jtsbiggerbadderasserburger‬ ‪#getschmiddy‬ ‪#‎superbowlparty‬

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